For their house in the country side, Camille and Marie wanted a modern, luminous and open kitchen. As lovers of good food and good wine, they entrusted us with the creation of a space without boundaries, where they could chat with their guests even as they cooked a fresh meal.

Martinelli’s answer

In the centre of the room, right by the source of natural light, a comfortable kitchen island offers an unobstructed view of the garden and the living room both. According to the wishes of Camille and Marie, the kitchen is a place to cook and to entertain, but also where one can simply share a drink. The playful display of the wine cellar and some cooking instruments serves as a beautiful and mouth-watering backdrop to give the guests something to look at as they wait. As for the finishes, a slightly glossy white lacquer underlines the light in the room while granite adds sophistication and intensity. Finally, peeking out from behind the inviting high chairs, furniture in the same tones as the kitchen makes for a smooth transition into the living room…

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Martinelli furniture

A bright and radiant kitchen for flavourful shared experiences.

A bright and radiant kitchen for flavourful shared experiences.