When you call on us, you are calling on the expertise of generations. A family history which now relies on a dedicated team and innovative technology. Our creations are unique because they are not factory-made but shaped by our own hands.

A history of expertise


The forests of Haute-Marne

In 1930, the Martinelli family fled Italy to find refuge in the forests of Haute-Marne, at the border between Champagne and Burgundy. Jean Martinelli’s father was a lumberjack, and he himself started learning at an early age. As a teenager, he trained in woodworking and started building his first pieces of furniture. The precision of the young Italian’s work quickly became popular in the region.

The workshop

In 1952, thanks to the success of his creations, Jean Martinelli was able to build his own small workshop: the Martinelli company was born. He met and married Raymonde, a teacher in the village where he lived, with whom he had two children, Patrice and Dominique. His family success went hand in hand with his professional success. The company grew and quickly found itself with a dozen workers.

Quality work

In 1968, to accommodate the growing number of customers, Jean decided to open his first store. In the 1970s, first Patrice, then Dominique, joined the company. At the time, Patrice took up the layout and design work, and Dominique the administrative tasks. The company’s success led to more hiring and the workshop space tripled in size. By then, Martinelli had, without even trying, become THE name of reference for high-end fitted kitchens in the region, although Jean still preferred to speak of “quality work”.

Kitchen creation

In contrast to industrialists and large groups, the Martinelli Company made bespoke creation its core business. Patrice’s distinctive kitchens have met with unexpected success in international fairs, for example in Geneva. With a staff of twenty or so people and a modernised workshop, Martinelli’s creations have come to be in demand in Burgundy, on the Côte d’Azur, in Switzerland…

The Martinelli Company

In an age of falsely-customisable mass production, Martinelli specialises in the creation of elegance. Dominique is retiring, and it is now turn for Patrice’s son Clément to join the adventure. We are proud of our expertise and our way of working on a human scale. The company has successfully obtained the “Origine France Garantie” label for all its products. The Martinelli Company is opening up to the world and offering its skill and precision to all lovers of fine craftmanship, as it has always done.


The team

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We are Martinelli

Martinelli’s team ,
covers all the areas of expertise required to carry out your project. Our strength, our wealth, is this union of skills that we pass on and improve from generation to generation. There is no assembly line here; instead, everyone contributes to the creation of a unique piece.

In the showroom as in the workshop, true craftsmen build according to your vision, your needs and your lifestyle. Unlike what you could get from kitchen factories, our work is above all human and precise, and follows a tradition of Exceptional Craftsmanship. Our know-how is passed on from one generation to the next through listening, learning and working together.


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Unique expertise from an extraordinary region

A workshop among the trees

At the border between Champagne and Burgundy, in the heart of the forest, the small village of Les Loges has been home to the Martinelli workshops since 1952. We have grown with the woods, and we have learnt from them. For us, respecting the material we work with and protecting the forest around us is a matter of course. It’s not about ecology or guilty conscience, but about doing as our parents and grandparents taught us: ensuring a reasonable and rational management of the natural resources that are at the heart of our business.

We strive to make the fullest use of our wood.
Martinelli heats a large part of its workshops with wood chips and offcuts.

Think local!

We respect our roots, and that means working with local actors.
Martinelli is always in the process of building connections with the social and economic life of the region.
Every year, the Martinelli workshops create new partnerships to sustain local craftsmanship, and sponsor the grassroots associations that give life to the region.