While each of Martinelli’s creations is unique by nature, some projects are of a more ambitious scope than others. The know-how of our team, especially when it comes to kitchens, allows us to see our work as limited only by the imagination of the craftsman. We can manufacture virtually anything, which means the creative mind is free to design according to the scope of the project.

Our love of “work well done” is expressed through our precision in the smallest projects as well as our ingenuity in the most exceptional ones.

Our first great successes at national and international trade fairs in the 1990s have allowed us the opportunity to participate in exceptional large-scale projects. Martinelli’s kitchens are known well beyond Burgundy, Switzerland, the French Riviera and the Caribbean. Together with their team of decorated craftsmen and outstanding creative designers, Clément and Patrice Martinelli sometimes work on innovative or timeless projects for both private individuals and out-of-the-ordinary professionals: those are the Martinelli Projects.

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary?