Choosing Martinelli means trusting three generations of hardworking, creative craftsmen and women. Your project brings together 18 people who will harness their know-how to invent, design, conceive, manufacture, colour, prepare and install your Martinelli creation. We love a job well done and we leave nothing up to chance, because your satisfaction is our best advertisement.

Stages of development

It all begins with a first contact, an exchange.

By telephone, by e-mail, in the store or directly in our workshops, the first thing we do when we meet is to listen carefully to your expectations. Before discussing plans and dimensions, our designers will first explore with you your wishes, your preferences, your ideas and sometimes even your hesitations. The specifications of your future Martinelli creation are outlined over the course of our discussions.

The first images of your space

On the basis of our exchanges, the design part of our know-how is being put into practice. Our designers create a detailed sketch of your future Martinelli creation. Our 3D design tools and VR systems allow you to visualise your future space and give us your feedback. We make the necessary adjustments together until the final project is drawn up.

The production of your Martinelli creation

Each project being unique, it is carried out in our workshops under the supervision of a single project manager. He supervises all manufacturing stages, from the first cuts to the last finishing touches. At all points during the whole process you can follow the progress of your creation with him. You are always welcome at the workshop.

Delivery and installation to your home

Installation is a key moment in any design project, so nothing should be left up to chance. Martinelli directly handles this meticulous operation with the utmost care. Forget about DYI kits and rushed work. We fine-tune every detail with a complete hands-on approach to all operations. We also help you get fully introduced to your Martinelli creation, to ensure a perfect installation.

The life of your Martinelli creation

At Martinelli, we don’t talk about after-sales service but rather about long-term trust. From the very first step, our projects are designed for the long term and known for their durability. We are nevertheless always at your disposal, as we have been for 67 years, to advise you on the use and maintenance of your Martinelli creation. Furthermore, we keep your plans on file indefinitely, so you can be sure that we will always be ready and available for any future need.

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